Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Description
The Digital Marketing Specialist oversees our digital footprint across all platforms, ensuring our ingredients, our company, and our brand is being marketed, displayed, and optimized across the internet.
The Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS) should possess the following key qualities, characteristics, and attributes:

PASSION & ENERGY – Our team runs on energy! Second place is the first loser and rule number one: never be number two! We are competitive and take tremendous pride in our reputation throughout the industry in offering the highest quality ingredients. This can only be achieved by bringing the best around, nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

DETAIL & CREATIVITY – This role is technical, requires content creation (graphic design, writing), and requires an appreciation for detail and creativity. The DMS should be someone who enjoys learning new things and revels in the opportunity to explore and confront the unknown. They must have strong business acumen, is detail-oriented and highly motivated!

HUSTLE – The only controllable pillar of success! We require an entrepreneurial spirit and no pay check collector attitude! You must possess flexibility to multitask and pivot from one project to another. Our business is multifaceted and fast moving and the DMS must be someone who can think fast, move quickly and who thrives in an environment that is constantly evolving.


  • Creates digital assets including graphics, short videos, blog content and digital marketing material aligned with the overall goal & strategy of the company.
  • Creates digital content to support the efforts of the sales team, ensuring that our offerings are being marketed and displayed on all appropriate channels and portals.
  • Manages all public facing social media platforms, portals, and channels including but not limited to Google Ads, LinkedIn, industry platforms, etc.
  • Manages the website in partnership with the sales team to ensure all content being delivered is aligned with our overall strategy.
  • Ensures our offerings and company content are omnipresent across the internet.


Education & Skills:
Deep knowledge of social media and website creation & maintenance are critical to the success of the DMS. Various platforms where experience is needed include Google Ads, LinkedIn, Adobe Suite, Word Press, Canva, etc.

About Austrade, Inc.:
Austrade Inc. was Non-GMO before Non-GMO was cool. We carry the passion of importing, distributing and delivering always Non-GMO and mainly organic food ingredients in an $800 billion industry.