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Discover the main properties of Austrade’s Dextrose. We look forward to discussing how our quality ingredient can fit in your formulation’s needs.
Dextrose Monohydrate is a white crystalline powder, also known as D-Glucose Powder. A corn-based sweetener that contains less than 9.5 percent moisture. It is easily soluble in water and has a pleasant, fruity-refreshing taste of moderate sweetness. Options available: Non-GMO and Organic.

 Dextrose is widely used in food and beverage production to reach better taste, quality and lower costs.

 Replaces sucrose as sweetener.

Balances the sweetness of different products.

Provides a direct source of fermentable sugar in bread making. Any residual dextrose will help tenderize the crumb and enrich the crust color.

Gives a final product that is pleasing in appearance and aroma.

Also produces a high-temperature browning effect in baked goods and extends shelf life.

Decreases the freezing point in ice cream.

Improves taste in dairy products, caramels, chocolate, candy fillings, jelly products, marzipan and chewing gum.

Enhances color and to facilitate salt entry into the tissue in the meat curing process.

Helps to produce a better quality brew, because it dissolves faster than white sugar, is 100% fermentable and provides a cleaner fermentation.

Dextrose also offers good solubility and improvement of taste in instant products, puddings and creams.

➥ High fermenting ability and can be added to low-calorie beer for the complete fermentation of alcohol. No carbohydrate residue remains to increase the calories in the beverages.

Contributes to the tenderness and sweetness in marshmallow and nougat applications, and improves the whipping properties by reducing the viscosity.

➥ Used as a binder in pharmaceutical applications. It adds cohesiveness to powders in tablet formulations and provides the necessary bonding to form a compact tablet mass.

Controls the sweetness and preserving properties of canned fruits.

➥ Improves the preservation of dried fruits.

Provides a pleasant, mild sweetness that enhances dressings flavors, especially in tomato based sauces.

➥ Improves the color and gloss of gum coatings and its high heat of solution gives a light cooling effect in gum and candy coating applications.

➥ The addition of dextrose to icings increases smoothness and reduces their tendency to dry out.