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Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil: RBDW Explained

In our last blog post we discussed what makes high oleic sunflower oil, high oleic.

But what about RBDW?

RBDW stands for refined, bleached, deodorized and winterized. It’s the four-step filtering and refinement process that occurs once the sunflower seeds have been pressed and oil has been obtained.

Refining allows for an end product that is consistent in taste, color and stability. Heat or steam is used to filter the oil for removal of phospholipids and the neutralization of fatty acids.

Bleaching of organic oils requires the use of natural clay or diatomaceous earth to aid in minimizing pigments, heavy metals, chlorophylls and carotenes.

Deodorization is a high temperature steaming process that aids in the removal of unwanted components such as protein fragments and any heavy metals that are present.

Winterization is done by chilling the ingredient which forces the waxes to solidify. The waxes are then removed by filtration, resulting in an end product that is free and clear of residue.

RBDW results in a light yellow, transparent high oleic sunflower oil with excellent oxidative stability that is neutral in odor and taste.

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