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Natural Sweetener

Made from cane sugar and beet sugar rather than corn.

Austrade’s Non-GMO Crystalline Fructose is made from cane sugar and beet sugar rather than corn.
It combines easily with other sweeteners and starches to improve the sweetness of formulations and provide excellent “mouth-feel”.

Discover the 10 main reasons to add our sweetener to improve the quality of your products.

1 – Sweetness potency of 1.2 to 1.7 times that of sucrose – Requiring less to achieve the same sweetness as table sugar. It allows calories reduction of 15-30% enabling sugar reduction in flavored water and low pH beverages.

2 – Very Low Glycemic Index (G.I.) – An effective weight management alternative for manufacturers of healthy food and beverages.

3 – Slow energy release (slow conversion to glucose) – Sweetener of choice for diabetics, athletes, and health-conscious consumers.

4 – Masking bitterness of high intensity sweeteners – Allows greater sugar reduction in food products.

5 – Lowers freezing point – Prevents the formation of ice crystals and maintains a smooth and creamy texture to ice creams and other frozen foods.

6 – High water binding capacity – Improves moisture retention and freshness in baked goods.

7 – High solubility – Ideal for high concentration sweetening without the risk of crystallization.

8 – Low water activity – Improves shelf life and increases microbial stability.

9 – Faster starch set time – Reduces gelatinization temperature and cooking time in formulas that include starch.

10 – Browning reaction – Enhances golden brown crusts and glazes of baked goods and enriches the browning aroma.