Austrade Announces Self-Affirmed GRAS Designation For Six Organic Plant Proteins

Austrade Inc recently announced the Self-Affirmed GRAS designation on six of their organic plant proteins:
Organic Pumpkin Protein, Organic Unroasted Pumpkin Protein, Non-GMO Pumpkin Protein, Organic Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein 45, Organic Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein 55 and Organic Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein Crisps.

What Are The Benefits Of GRAS Ingredients?

GRAS ingredients help ensure the quality and integrity of the food supply. Any Self-Affirmed GRAS ingredient undergoes a rigorous analysis by a panel of independent food safety experts to ensure their regulatory compliance and quality. In addition, GRAS ingredients are not subject to pre-market review and approval by the Food And Drug Administration.


Heliaflor® Organic Sunflower Protein

Heliaflor® Organic Sunflower Proteins are a sustainable alternative to commonly known plant protein sources.  The abundant availability of organic sunflowers ensures consistent raw material supply with no interruption.  Heliaflor® is manufactured exclusively in Germany from European sourced raw material via mechanical processing, a gentle method preserving all the naturally occurring nutrients in the plant.  Featuring great water and fat binding capabilities, Heliaflor® Organic Sunflower Proteins are an excellent choice for a wide variety of food applications and are available with a 45% or 55% protein content or texturized.


Organic Pumpkin Protein

Pumpkin Protein is another great protein option.  Produced mainly from Styrian Pumpkin seeds, these ingredients offer an excellent source of protein, a good source of dietary fiber and contain biologically valuable omega fatty acids.  The entire production of Austrade Inc.’s pumpkin protein is sustainable: the pumpkin protein is made from the press cake left over from the oil manufacturing process and the remaining pulp and gourd are recycled as fertilizer for the next crop, ensuring all residual by-products are used and nothing is wasted.  Austrade Inc. offers three versions of Pumpkin Protein: Organic Roasted, Organic Unroasted and Non-GMO Roasted.


About Austrade Inc.

Austrade Inc. is a North American supplier of exclusively Non-GMO and mostly Organic ingredients, specializing in natural sweeteners, emulsifiers, starches, plant proteins, and organic oils.  For over 20 years, Austrade Inc. has been an industry leader in supplying wholesale non-GMO sweeteners and sunflower lecithin to businesses in the food processing, animal nutrition, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and now offers one of the largest assortments of plant proteins in North America.