Spring Into Savings with Non-GMO Unmodified Corn Starch

Austrade’s Non-GMO Corn Starch is an unmodified, neutral-tasting, powerful thickening agent and stabilizer that allows for uniform consistency and texture—leading to impactful cost savings.

Aside from its nutritive value and extensive use in the Food industry, corn starch is a versatile raw material with a wide range of applications in Animal Feed, Textile, Paper, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Construction industries.

Discover the premium nature & countless possibilities of Austrade’s Non-GMO Corn Starch below.


Industry | Food

Applications: Sauces, Soups, Gravies, Dressings, Custards, Pie Fillings, Puddings, Pasta, Baked Goods, Prepared Mixes, Cakes, Tortillas & Cereals.


Industry | Animal Feed

Applications: Feed & Fuel for Dogs, Cats, Cattle, Fish, Swine, Chickens, Birds, Pigs, Livestock & more!


Industry | Textile

Applications: Dyes, Warp Sizing, Cord Polishing, Oilcloth, Printing, Abrasion Defense, Optimized Weaving, Enhanced Fabric Durability, Sizing Materials, Leather Tanning, Window Shades.


Industry | Paper & Adhesives

Applications: Bookbinding, Labels, Envelopes, Glassine, Parchment, Cloth, Straws, Wallpaper, Cardboard, Glues, Gums, Mucilage, Pastes, Binding Agents, Abrasive Materials, Printing Inks.


Industry | Cosmetic

Applications: Lotion, Body Balms, Soap, Skincare, Color Cosmetic Makeup (Blush, Skin & Blemish), Deodorant, Oil Absorption Products, Dry Shampoo, Cleansing Products, Hair Treatment & Styling.


Industry | Construction

Applications: Plywood, Wood & Metal Coatings, Ceramics, Fiberglass, Fiberboard, Glass, Laminate, Linoleum, Paints & Varnishes, Tile, Wallboard, Cork Products, Shell & Concrete.


Industry | Other

Applications: Surgical Dressings, Insecticides, Food Acids, Enzymes, Organic Solvents, Batteries, Trash Bags, Agrochemicals, Fireworks, Plastics, Tires (Rubber), Ore Refining & more!


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