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Heliaflor – Organic Sunflower Protein

Our best seller organic protein is back!

Austrade’s sunflower protein is a genuine alternative for formulators seeking to use a plant sourced protein containing all essential amino acids as well as appealing taste and odor. Peeled organic sunflower seeds are partially defatted using an innovative, patent pending pressing process.


Heliaflor® 45

It is characterized by a higher fat content. The water-binding capacity is stronger and the fat-binding capacity slightly lower. Heliaflor® 45 has a brownish color and a more distinctive taste and is suitable for spicy and darker colored products.

  • Min. 45% protein
  • 18% dietary fiber
  • Features good water and fat binding capacities
  • Very good emulsification properties
  • Allergen and Gluten Free


Heliaflor® 55

It contains almost no fat. Additional CO2 extraction of this product variant reduces the fat content and simultaneously increases the protein content of the final product. This process leads to a higher fat binding capacity and a slightly weaker water binding capacity. Heliaflor® 55 is beige in colour and has a relatively neutral taste. It is particularly suitable for products that require minimal off-flavor and little foreign coloring.

  • CO2 extraction processing
  • Min. 55% protein | 15% dietary fiber
  • Less than 2% fat
  • Features very good water (1:4) and fat binding capacities
  • Excellent emulsification properties
  • Allergen and Gluten Free


Both Heliaflor® variants can basically be combined not only with each other but also with other binders.

  • Protein from organic sunflower seeds
  • 100% organic and wholefood
  • Binder with emulsifying effect
  • Consistency enhancer and stabilizer
  • Protein and fiber rich
  • Low Carb and Low Fat
  • High quality polyphenols
  • B vitamins and especially rich in folic acid
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free flour substitute
  • Food supplement
  • Application in cold and warm emulsions




Vegetarian Spreads – Due to its emulsifying properties sunflower protein Heliaflor® makes an ideal basis for spreads. The high fat and water binding capacity of Heliaflor® can be used to improve consistency and spreading quality. For better stability of finished product we recommend adding some lemon juice or vinegar. With the use of Heliaflor® yeast can be replaced completely, because sunflower protein contains glutamic acid by nature. This amino acid gives finished products a slightly aromatic taste. According to preferences vegetarian spreads can be prepared with different spices, fresh or dried herbs.


Vegan Meat Substitute – The high fat and water binding property qualifies sunflower protein Heliaflor® for application in vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes such as vegan sausages. Besides optimizing the consistency by its stabilizing and emulsifying effects the meat substitute is enriched in protein.


Bakery Products – By applying sunflower protein Heliaflor® in bakery goods economic advantages through positive technological attributes can be gained. An improved consistency, increased volume and longer freshness can be achieved. Furthermore the protein content of finished products is increased. To profit from all these advantages we recommend presoaking of Heliaflor® in water for 30 minutes before preparation of dough. Heliaflor® can be used e.g. in wholewheat bread (quantity 5%) or gluten free bread (quantity 1%). The higher the amount of Heliaflor® in recipe the flakier the dough and bread crumb.


Salad Dressings and Mayonnaise – Sunflower protein Heliaflor® can be used for preparation of salad dressings and mayonnaise. It increases viscosity and improves stability and consistency of these products. Addition of vinegar or lemon juice is necessary for sunflower protein to develop its best technological effects. For a better creaminess of dressing or mayonnaise Heliaflor® can be presoaked before further preparation in lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Therefore 1/3 of water in recipe can be used.

Due to used amount of Heliaflor® consistency of finished product can be influenced. The higher the content of Heliaflor®, the thicker the product. With an amount of 2% a dressing can be achieved, with an amount of 5% product is similar to a firm mayonnaise. Basic recipes can be varied by adding several spices, herbs or other flavoring components. With a little bit of garlic finished product is a vegan aioli. With fresh and regional herbs an herb mayonnaise or dressing can be prepared.

Heliaflor® can partly or entirely replace other thickening agents and also eggs (vegan mayonnaise). The fat content can be reduced without significant changes to the sensory properties (Low fat mayonnaise).


Sausage and Meat Products – Heliaflor® is used as a high value and Clean Label ingredient in organic meat processing. It increases fat and water binding capacity in meat products. In cooked hams an improved slice cohesion as well as texture is evident. Meat and sausage products, which are fried, baked or grilled prior to consumption, retain more juice during preparation. Consumer profits from a juicier and tastier product, which leads to higher satisfaction.

In cooked ham addition of 1% Heliaflor® to injection brine is recommended. The increased binding of the individual components during production results in a higher yield. Addition of min. 1% in burger patties reduces water and fat loss during grilling or frying. In Patés and cooked sausages, such as liver sausage, the recommended dosage of sunflower protein is 0,5%.


Protein Shakes – Heliaflor® can be applied to dry mixtures for protein shakes. The water binding property (moisture expansion) of the sunflower protein makes an excellent consistency agent. Heliaflor® can substitute other proteins from whey, soya, peas, lupines or rice in shakes or can be used in combination. In addition shakes are enriched with dietary fibers, polyphenols and different B-vitamins, especially folic acid. Formulations for Heliaflor® shakes are variable and can be combined with omega oils and fruits.


Vegan Ice Cream– In vegan ice cream Heliaflor® is highly suitable as a substitute for milk protein and a consistency agent due to its good water binding capacity as well as its neutral taste. By its use the desired consistency of vegan and dairy free ice cream can be achieved. Further thickening agents can be partly replaced by Heliaflor® because of its stabilizing and emulsifying effect. Positive results with the production of vegan coconut and hazelnut ice cream. The products showed a remarkably creamy consistency after pasteurization.


Fruit Bars – In fruit bars sunflower protein Heliaflor® can substitute common proteins from whey, soya, wheat or lupine. The consistency can be improved by achieving the desired stability and crispness.


Pasta – Sunflower protein Heliaflor ®is optimally applicable in the production of pasta making use of its high water binding capacities. Besides providing an alternative to cereal flours the protein content of the pasta can be enriched. Low carb pasta, which is rich in protein content, can be prepared.


Dietary Supplement – Pure or in mixtures for final users. Sunflower protein can be integrated easily into daily nutrition by adding it to muesli, shakes or dressings. Pastries can be prepared with Heliaflor® instead of cereal meals. Daily nutrition can be enriched with valuable ingredients by adding Heliaflor® because sunflower protein is characterized as a complete nutrient package. It is rich in native protein with essential amino acids, fiber, polyphenols and B- vitamins, especially folic acid.