Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil RBDW

The perfect, neutral oil that won’t impact other ingredient flavors

High Oleic sunflower oil was created by plant breeders in search of an oil with a long shelf life that wouldn’t break down at high cooking temperatures. In order to be labeled high oleic, sunflower oil must contain a minimum of 80 percent oleic acid.

Thanks to its high monounsaturated fat content, high oleic sunflower oil is less susceptible to oxidation compared to traditional linoleic sunflower oil—making it particularly well-suited as a fat component & carrier for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

The excellent stability against oxidation is comparable to that of a high quality olive oil and approximately twice as high as soybean oils and traditional linoleic sunflower oil.

Product formulators and food scientists often describe high oleic sunflower oil as tasteless and odorless with a neutral flavor profile. From salad dressings and sauces to [high heat] stir fry dishes and baked goods, high oleic sunflower oil fosters endless creativity across Food & Beverage applications!

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