Non-GMO Rapeseed: The More Affordable Allergen-Free Lecithin Source

Lecithin is nature’s ideal emulsifier and stabilizer—a mixture of phospholipids (fatty substances) that naturally occur in animal and plant tissues and are essential to our cells. It has a variety of commercial uses, mainly centered around its ability to disperse fat and water-binding ingredients in products, while also providing natural anti-stick properties.

In the food & beverage industry, this equates to a better “mouth feel”, improved shelf life and more desirable texture. In cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, lecithin aids in blending powders into liquid dispersions and creating more consistent blends in creams and lotions.

Interest in Non-GMO, allergen-free lecithin has grown tremendously over the past decade due to global GMO and allergenic issues in soybeans. While sunflower lecithin serves as a fantastic allergen-free lecithin source, it does come with a more costly price tag.

Enter Non-GMO Rapeseed Lecithin. More affordable than sunflower lecithin with the same functionality as soy lecithin—and Allergen-free!

Austrade offers Liquid & Deoiled Powder forms of Non-GMO Rapeseed Lecithin.  They generally offer the same functionality, however both Liquid & Deoiled Powder have their own advantages and different industries have allocated separate uses to each.

Deoiled Rapeseed Lecithin Powder is free of residual oil and enriched in phospholipids for easier handling and enhanced dispersion in water. Deoiled lecithin is neutral in flavor and color, and contains significantly less fat than its liquid counterpart. Deoiled lecithin powder is ideal across a wide range of F&B applications including Dough & Baked Goods, Dressings & Sauces, Nut Butters, Margarine and Chewing Gums. It also acts as an excellent Dispersing Agent across Pharmaceutical applications.

Liquid Rapeseed Lecithin is a naturally occurring mixture of phospholipids combined with smaller amounts of other lipids. Standardized liquid rapeseed lecithin is a stable, easy-to-handle fluid option for oil or fat-based blends. Liquid lecithin is ideal across a wide range of F&B applications including Confectionery & Chocolate, Beverages and Dairy Products. It also acts as an Antioxidant and Dispersing Agent across Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical applications.

Experience the premium nature & countless possibilities of Austrade’s Non-GMO Rapeseed Lecithin—the ideal alternative source to sunflower & soy lecithin.

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