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Products of the Month: Almond Protein & Oil CP

Almonds comprised more than 41 percent of the nut products.

Austrade Inc. offers two high quality organic almond ingredients to make your formulations stand out.

  • Organic Almond Protein 50% Organic Sweet Almond Oil CP.

Almonds are an excellent source of protein, calcium and magnesium. They have a healthy fat profile, and are cholesterol-free and gluten-free. These attributes convey a positive health perception for all almond ingredients, especially almond protein powder.

According to a recent study by Innova Market Insights*, almonds comprised more than 41 percent of the nut products introduced globally in 2020, with 12,181 new almond introductions globally. Due to its clean taste and smooth texture, our Organic Almond Protein is widely used in food applications.

Our Non-GMO and organic almonds come from scenic groves located in Spain and Italy. The cultivation areas are situated on highly fertile soils, which contribute to the smooth production of high quality almond oil. Besides the best growing conditions, the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the almonds are done in an ecological and sustainable way.

Our gentle cold pressing process results in a light yellow almond oil of excellent quality, in which the important fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements contained in the almond kernels are largely preserved.

* Innova Market Insights, Global New Product Introductions Report, 2020. May 2021.