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Plant Protein in Beverages

Optimize Recovery with Plant Protein in Beverages

Incorporation of protein in beverages has become increasingly popular as a new approach to addressing muscle synthesis after strenuous exercise. The incorporation of protein is ideal for muscle growth and repair, and proper hydration helps to ease muscle tightness & cramping while replenishing lost fluids & electrolytes.

Historically, whey protein has been the gold standard for nutritional protein beverages due to its high BCAA (branched chain amino acids) content. Studies have indicated that BCAAs help to address muscle synthesis and may decrease muscle soreness post-workout.

With a demand for dairy-free plant-based protein on the rise, Clean Label proteins containing higher levels of

BCAAs—like almond and oat—are making their way into many active hydration products that are steering clear of animal-based protein.

One study demonstrated that the consumption of almonds supported recovery for adults engaging in unfamiliar eccentric exercise intervals (Nieman et al. 2023), while daily almond consumption led to changes in down-regulating inflammation and oxidative stress which allowed the body to recover more quickly.

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