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Elevate your Memorial Day BBQ with Austrade Ingredients

According to a recent consumer food trend report, 75% of consumers are more deliberate when choosing food and beverages to improve their nutrition in 2024.

Memorial Day Weekend is the perfect summer prelude to elevate your BBQ game and impress guests with healthy dishes featuring Austrade’s sustainable, clean label ingredients that won’t compromise your recipe’s nutritional profile, flavor or texture.

Plant-based meat alternative dishes will naturally find the spotlight on your table when featuring our organic plant proteins & flours—each offering unique functional properties to help maintain your product’s desired outcome.

Organic MC replacement binder is the ideal allergen-free ingredient to replace the functionality of methylcellulose and eggs in your vegan shish kebabs, burger patties & sauces.

A sweet & savory dressing made with organic high oleic sunflower oil allows roasted vegetables & salads to shine, thanks to this products neutral odor & flavor + strong stability against heat.

Bake the perfect burger bun or dessert bread for guests to enjoy with naturally allergen-free organic liquid sunflower lecithin—not only will this product improve overall dough quality, but guests can enjoy leftovers at home thanks to an extended shelf-life!

Quench thirst + reduce sugar with organic crystalline fructose in your Memorial Day Punch! This ingredient combines easily with other sweeteners & starches to provide an excellent flavor and mouth-feel.

End your BBQ with a bang by serving a gluten-free cherry pie made with Austrade’s organic potato starch—this product serves as an excellent thickener & binding agent thanks to its excellent water-absorbing properties.

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