NEW! Ingredient: Organic Methylcellulose Replacement

Better for you, your burger application & the planet

While many plant-based formulations are effective for sustainability and our environment, not all products have the same positive impact on our bodies.

Some recipes that require plant proteins as the base also contain added ingredients that have been shown to negatively impact gut health and overall wellness.

Methylcellulose is a popular ultra-processed additive that is often used as a thickener, binding agent and gelling agent to retain moisture across both wet and dry Food applications.

As a non-organic ingredient that is unrecognizable to our immune systems, research shows that high amounts of methylcellulose can quickly lead to unwanted inflammation as our bodies work to [unsuccessfully] break down the unknown.

Austrade’s Organic MC Replacement Binder acts as an excellent clean label, allergen-free binder to replace the functionality of methylcellulose and eggs across a wide variety of applications including Beef & Plant-Based Meat Alternatives, Sauces, Soups, Spreads and Baked Goods.

When substituting methylcellulose with Austrade’s Organic MC Replacement Binder, the result is a sustainable end-product with smooth & even texture and no sneaky ultra-processed ingredient numbers or names added to your food label.

Offered as a white to light beige powder with a neutral odor, this product is Certified Organic and Single Ingredient, as it is derived from 100% fava beans!

It’s lower Fat content (≈1.5%) allows for a minimum shelf-life of 18 months.

Conventional Non-GMO option also available.

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